• A Concise Introduction to Sikkim Sikkim, India's 22nd state, shares borders with Nepal, China (Tibet), Bhutan and West Bengal. The world's third highest peak Mount Kangchendzonga (8686 m) is located in the North Western part of the state. Sikkim has more than 10 peaks that reach a height of 6000 meters or more. Gangtok, Sikkim's capital is located in the South Eastern part of the state. Gangtokis situated at an altitude of 1780 m and has a population of approximately 50 000. General Information

    Population (2001 Census) 540 493
    Area 7096 sq kms
    Major Languages Lepcha, Bhutia, Limbu and Nepalese
    Literacy rate (2001): 70%
    Domestic tourists (2001): 230 000
    foreign tourists (2001): 31 000

  • Eastern Himalayas Situated in the Eastern Himalayas is one of the smallest states of the Indian Union. It prides the third higest Mt. Khangchendzonga which is also worshipped as the guardian deity of Sikkim. It is a paradise with snowy mountains, luxuriant forest, rhododendron splendor, pristine waterfalls, sacred lakes, holy caves, medicinal hotsprings, cascading rivers and gentle streams .It is a destinations for all season.
    There are tours catering for everyone from those seeking solitude to the more adventurous or those seeking a leisure holiday.There are accomodations to suit every taste and budget. Sikkim has three major communities namely Lepchas, Bhutias and Nepalese as varied are they in their culture, tradition and cuisine, here you see them amalgamate in perfect harmony. Visitors can experience the true culture and traditions at our home stays and village resorts.
    The drive itself is a thrilling experience along the curvaceous roads and its a haven for adventure lovers as one can go trekking, river rafting, angling, bird watching, mountain biking, rock-climbing and enjoy the mountain-flights. Come explore the land that is truely blessed by nature.

    Char Dham or Siddheswar Dham Namchi Char Dham is a huge pilgrimage cum cultural complex developed by the Sikkim Government to promote Religious, Eco and Village tourism in the state. This temple complex is also known as Siddheswar Dham and was inaugurated on 8th November 2011.Char Dham is located about 5kms from Namchi town and accessible by a nice smooth road all the way. At one point the car needs to ascend uphill to reach the top of Solophok hill.

    Khecheopalri Lake Khecheopalri Lake is considered to be one of the sacred lakes of Sikkim both by the Buddhist and the Hindus. The lake remains hidden in the rich forest cover. It is believed that birds do not permit even a single leaf to float on the lake surface. There is a motorable road from Pemayangtse right up to the lake area.

  • Sikkim Has Rich Bio-Diversity Sikkim is one of the 26 biodiversity hot spots, a veritable treasure house of some of the world's most beautiful streams, lakes and waterfalls. The state has rich flora & fauna despite having only 0.22% land of the country

  • Gurudongmar Situated at a height of 17,800 feet, it is considered one the most sacred lakes by the Buddhists and Hindus alike. The beautiful and awe inspiring lake (50 kms from Lachen) remains milky in colour throughout the year. According to a legend, since the lake used to remain frozen most of the year, it was not possible to use its water for drinking purposes. When the Guru Padmasambhava passed by, while returning from Tibet, the local residents are reported to have approached him for providing source of water. The Guru obliged. A portion of the lake touched by him does not freeze in extreme winter. Since water of the lake is considered sacred, visitors carry the 'blessed' water in bottles. Gurudongmer is part of NatureWings’s favorite North Sikkim package which covers Lachung – Yumthang – Lachen – GuruDongmer Lake (2N/3D). NatureWings also offers various other North Sikkim nature places like Chopta Valley, Chungthang, Mangan, Dzongu accommodation and personalized package tours. Just fill up the booking form here and we’ll be happy to assist you for your next vacation.

    Rumtek Monastery A drive through the picturesque terraced rice fields will bring you to the head quarters of the Dharma Chakra Centre, the present seat of His Holiness, the Gyalwa karmapa, head of the Kargyupa Sect. The main monastery is a recent structure, built by the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa in strict accordance with the traditional designs of his monastery in Tsurphu in Tibet.

  • Gangtok Believe it or not, but resisting the alluring charm and appeal of Gangtok is almost impossible for anyone! The capital city of Sikkim, Gangotk is nestled in the Eastern Himalayas and is one of the kaleidoscopic tourist destinations in the state. gangtok Whether you are looking for serene beauty, lush forests, gurgling rivers or mental peace, Gangtok travel packages will cuddle up your Sikkim holidays. For the nature lovers, a holiday in this scenic city is enough to fulfil all their wishes. On the other hand, for the adventure lovers, they can enjoy cable car rides, river rafting, go for mountain biking and several other activities in Gangtok.

  • Yuksom Located in the Western parts of Sikkim, Yuksom is the origin of several enthralling treks into the Himalayas or the magical Kanchenjunga. The once a capital of Sikkim, this hamlet is more known for its pristine beauty and rustic appeal. Yuksom Also known as the ‘Meeting place of Three Lamas’, this Sikkimese village has recently started gaining tourism attention. Well, this is also the reason, you can expect pristine beauty and untouched nature in Yuksom. Home to the oldest monastery in Sikkim, this pictorial hamlet is one amongst the most peaceful and serene places to visit in Sikkim

  • Tsomgo Lake On a visit to Gangtok, do not miss the chance to visit the Tsomgo Lake or the Changu Lake! Located only 38km from Sikkim’s capital, it lies at an altitude of 12,400ft and is one of the highest lakes in India. Tsomgo Lake While the lake remains frozen during the winters, summer brings in a magical charm and appeal to Tsomgo. It is during this time of the year, the turquoise waters of the lake reflects the amazing views of the nearby peaks and the azure sky above!

  • Nathula Pass The once a part of the historic ‘Silk Road’, a visit to Nathu La is a must in any of the Sikkim travel packages. One of the highest motorable pass in the world, this amazing pass is located at a towering height of 4,310m above the sea level and connects Sikkim with Tibet. Visit the Nathula Pass The pass is open to Indians; however, one has to obtain permission from the tourism department in order to visit this pass. And for the foreign national, they cannot make it to Nathu La.

  • Pelling If you are an ardent fan of the captivating Himalayan Range, Pelling is the destination for you! It is from this Sikkimese town, one can have the best views of the Himalayas and the Kanchenjunga Peak, and can experience the best of their Sikkim holidays. Pelling Located at a height of 7,200ft above the sea, this scenic town is bestowed with several waterfalls, breath-taking views, natural beauty and adventure options like rafting, kayaking, trekking, mountain biking and several others.

  • Lachung Lachung has multiple reasons to make you fall in love with it! While its location at an enthralling height of 8,610ft makes it a popular snow-destination in Sikkim, its untouched and surreal beauty makes it one of the scenic as well as charming tourist places in Sikkim. Lachung Located in the northern part of Sikkim, this quaint mountain village is adorned by the immaculate beauty of the Lachung Chu River and is also known for the Lachung Gompa. Though this village is one of the mostly visited regions in Sikkim, it still holds an alluring charm that can hardly be found in any other destinations.

  • Ravangla Nestled amidst the Maenam and Tendong Hills, Ravangla is among the best places to visit in Sikkim; especially in the southern part of the state. A scenic town between Gangtok and Pelling, this hill-town also hosts some of the most popular treks in Sikkim. Ravangla More popular as a paradise for the bird watchers, it is home to some of the most rare and endangered birds in the world. On a usual visit to Ravangla, you can spot dark-throated thrush, verditre flycatchers, blue whistling thrush, babblers, cuckoos and several others.

  • Namchi Translated into the native Tibetan language, Namchi means the ‘top of the sky’. And on a visit to this magnificent Sikkimese city, this will be proved! Located around 92km from Gangtok and at a height of 1,675m above the sea level, it is also one of the most gorgeous cities in the state. Namchi More than tourism, Namchi is more considered as a pilgrimage centre for the Buddhists. Amongst the important religious sites, the Namchi Monastery, Tendong Hill and Ralong Monasteries are the pre-dominant. The city also has a 108ft Lord Shiva statue and is visited a large number of Hindu devotees as well.

  • Do-Drul Chorten The largest Stupa in Sikkim, Do Drul Chorten was built in 1945 under the leadership of Truslshi Rimpoche. Holding a high prominence amongst all the religious sites in the state, this stupa is laced with 108 Mani Lhakor prayer wheels and is an ultimate place to connect with the essence of one’s inner-self.

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden Located within a close proximity with the Rumket Monastery, this lush and verdant botanical garden is the home to several rare and exotic species of plants and trees. Some of the orchids found in this garden are indigenous to only this part of the world and holds high medicinal and commercial value as well. Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden If you are a vivid nature lover, this colourful offering of the Sikkim travel packages will take you to a treasure island. And if you are visiting this garden with your family members; especially the younger ones, your visit will surely be cuddled up by the colourful ambience within the garden.

  • Zuluk Touching a towering height of 10,000ft, Zuluk is one of the least discovered destinations in the entire of Sikkim. Located on the ancient ‘Silk Route’, this quaint Sikkimese village takes the pride of being a vintage point to enjoy panoramic views of the Mt Kanchenjunga. Zuluk In addition to the magical beauty of this hamlet, it is also popular among the adventure lovers as the ride to Zuluk takes them through 32 hair-pin bends.

  • Namgyal Institute of Tibetology Nestled amidst lush and evergreen thickets, the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology is an ideal centre to learn about Buddhist cultures and traditions. Established in 1958, this institute is in fact the home to the largest collection of Tibetan preaching outside Tibet, and this include relics from 11th and 12th century collected from different parts of the world.

  • Yumthang Valley A visit to Yumthang Valleys it truly a colourful affair! Located at an elevation of 3,500m, this scenic valley is the home to several exotic, rare and wild flowers. It is often said, one who visits this quintessential valley, often gets pleasantly affected by its treacherous colours and alluring beauty! Come the monsoons, the entire valley blooms at its best and displays the most enchanting colours of the nature. Primrose, cobra-lilies, louseworts and cinquefoils are some of the most commonly found species in Yumthang.

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